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At just 23 years old, Lil McAvaney has taken the fashion world by storm, joining creative forces with her older brother Dan to co-found Style Fort, an online fashion destination stocking quality brands that stand the test of time.

With the unwavering support of her partner, Cory, alongside her own unremitting love of fashion and styling which encouraged Lil to follow her childhood aspiration of opening an online store. Taking inspiration from fashion icons such as Lara Worthington, Kendall Jenner and Andy Scinger, Lil favours wardrobe pieces such as the statement tee, plain black blazers, denim and leather jackets, and of course, the perfect pair of jeans. Separating herself from the norm, Lil prides herself on inspiring girls worldwide to purchase ‘re-wearable’ items that can be styled to suit several occasions, from day to night, making outfit repeating fashionable.