FYI - you need a Faux Fur Jacket.

If you don’t already have a faux fur jacket, you need one & heres why…



It’s my easiest jacket to wear back with a dress or mini skirt. Does anyone else find it hard to find a good jacket to wear over dresses? … I love my Unreal Fur for this exact reason. I initially invested in the Khaki to wear back with jeans, but it wasn't long after that i had the Pink, Nude & Grey sitting pretty in my wardrobe (whoops). 

Unreal Fur have produced the most complimenting range of colours... SERIOUSLY! I love to wear the grey with a neutral styled outfit (eg. black top, black leather skirt, grey fur), but you can see in the below piccys how you can also contrast these jackets with colour. I wore the 'Nude' colour back with a blue dress (also available on Style Fort).

2. They're faux fur. & thats that. 

3. EFFORTLESS. These jackets make you look like you tried! haha.

You know that moment, when you're meant to be going out & your boyfriend is demanding you hurry up, but you can’t hurry up because you can’t put together an outfit and you're crying on the bed, because you're defeated and you’re not even dressed because you can't find anything to wear, even though you have 5 millions pieces in your wardrobe. Yepp, well my faux fur jacket is like my life line, and in that exact moment i put on what ever jeans are in sight, wear any form of t-shirt & throw on a faux fur jacket and it JUST WORKS! Try it & thank me later.

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Head to my insta @lilmcavaney for visuals of my 'life line' outfit in action! (Faux fur with jeans) haha.

Images taken at the Belmont Hotel, Geelong.